Get Me To The Church On Time

Take what the moment gives you.

The night before the wedding, my best man Dave and I were packing my stuff. I had my golf clubs ready to travel; Dave asked if Joyce played golf.  “No, but we are going to Bermuda, I need my clubs”, I smiled.  “Wrong”, said Dave. The clubs stayed home. Best choice.

Saturday morning was hectic but I got my mother, Dave, his wife Tracy, and my luggage loaded in my Mom’s car and we headed to the church.

On the way there, wouldn’t you know it, a flat tire.

Dave and I pulled out all the luggage so we could get to the spare and jack. Imagine the scene – a hot Saturday morning in August with four dressed up folks fixing a flat on a 1965 Chevrolet Caprice on a busy Indianapolis street.

A nice women came out to see what was going on. She and my mother hit it off right away. When the women learned we were getting married in her home church she wanted us to come inside to clean up before going on. I remember leaving the her guest towels a bit greasy and I should have offered to replace them. I did not. Bad choice there.

We took off in a hurry and even by driving over the speed limit we were still running 30 minutes late.

When we arrived at the church we were met by Joyce’s father: “Where have you been?”

No worries, we are here! Let’s do this! Time for explanations later.

In this story, it is Joyce who gets credit for the right choice. I hope she agrees after all these years.

I believe she waited because she had gotten to know me well in our year of dating. I honored my commitments, fulfilled promises, and all the other Boy Scout Oath things that run through your mind. Not that I was some “goody two shoes” but it would not be like me to not show up – there had to be a reason and she was willing to wait and listen to that reason – wonderful – I love her for that.

Remember that back in the 60’s we did not Text, we did not have cell phones. We were more patient then and we had faith that things would be okay.

Her choice to wait was truly a life saver for me – I will always be grateful for her loving choice.

What about you, any unusual happenings at your wedding?

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