awThey said, “No, your glove is fine.” I knew my parents were wrong. I needed a new baseball glove if I was going to be a world famous second baseman and play in the World Series – I had to have the right equipment. Everyone knows that!

I fumed over it for a few days and then on March 24, 1952 I walked eight blocks down West Markum Street in Little Rock to the A&W Root Beer stand owned by my baseball coach to ask for a job.

“I have gone to Weber’s, will be back soon. I am going to get a job,” the note on the kitchen table said.

If they wouldn’t pay for it, I would.

Mr. Weber paid me 20 cents an hour and I saved up for weeks for that glove. I worked at the root beer stand after school and weekends. I washed dishes, filled orders, and everything else.

Setting a goal helped me get my baseball glove in 1952. I'm still waiting for the St. Louis Cardinals to call.
Setting a goal helped me get my baseball glove in 1952. I’m still waiting for the St. Louis Cardinals to call.

I don’t remember the cost of the glove – maybe my parents chipped in some after seeing my determination. The one thing for sure … that glove made me a better second baseman. I think (hope).

You want something bad enough, get a job and pay for it. Period.

The note made a big impression on my mother because she dated it and saved it in a trunk with my other “only child” keepsakes. “10 years and 9 months,” she proudly wrote.

Years later, my wife framed the note. It is on a shelf in our study. The grandchildren often look at the note today and wonder how I did that and how my mother allowed it. Times were different in 1952.

It is not all that easy today. Kids can’t just walk eight blocks and ask for a job. Also, costs are different and wages are different. Life is not simple anymore.

Choices Do Matter.

I made the right choice back then and it shaped who I am today.

My parents favored self-reliance – no helicopter moms in the 1950’s.

Did you make choices at an early age that shaped your character? Were they for the good or some not so good?

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